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the main steps of firmware analysis are: firmware flash management hacking firmware bytes to allow remote access to device emulation of the hardware buttons emulation of magnetr network commands traffic analysis post-processing
the firmware can be found in the following way: usually the documentation installed in /usr/share/doc/airmagnetwifianalyzerqplugindevice/ or . the last firmware of a device is located in /var/log/files/airmagnetwifianalyzer-qplugindevice-*.log
airmagnetwifianalyzer is a graphical tools for analysing a magnetr picket fence network. the program connects directly to the devices using udev and can be started as a service. it has been split into 2 parts: the airmagnetwifianalyzerqplugindevice state file analyser and the airmagnetwifianalyzerfirmware analysis mode.
the analysis of a firmware, due to the complexity of the configuration of the devices, requires time and some expertise. when a new firmware is detected a detailed tutorial is available on the internet. they are for a great number of devices, however, most of the devices are covered by this tutorial.
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