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Most of us encountered problems while composing important essays and articles or working on a school project that requires accurate terminology. Finding a proper word instead of another or looking for a particular term we don't know of, turns out to be time-consuming and annoying. We all had at some point in time numerous texts to translate to another language and Google Translate isn't exactly the best option when dealing with such issues.
Enter and interpret different documents using an accessible layout
As a solution to all these problems can be FREE English to Vietnamese Translator designed to provide a simple yet efficient way to convert multiple texts between English and Vietnamese and use the result in your homework, projects or articles. It might come in handy when you wish to translate web content, instant messages, emails or letters.
The interface is wrapped in a well-organized and clear-cut divided into two separate panels, positioned one above the other, along with a small toolbar that includes several editing buttons, such as open, save, clear or print. In order to the program to properly work, you need to have a continuous Internet connection to retrieve and correctly translate the text.
Choose the desired direction and save the output to HTML and TXT formats
As the app doesn't store any kind of information, it uses various translation engines to get the work done in a blink of an eye. You can either use the direct connection you have or set up a proxy configuration by inputting all the necessary data. The result is not 100 percent accurate, so it might come with some grammar and spelling mistakes.
The tool is bidirectional, which means it can convert the file from English to Vietnamese and the other way around. All you need to do is insert the desired text and hit the translate button. The result can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into another document. Plus, you have the option to save the content to an HTML or TXT file and clean the fields when you're done.
On ending note
Taking everything into account, FREE English to Vietnamese Translator is a reliable and practical utility that comes in handy for anyone who needs a quick and easy method to translate records between English and Vietnamese.







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A simple yet effective way to translate English to Vietnamese and vice versa.
β€’ User-friendly interface
β€’ Support for multiple languages
β€’ Safe to use without registration
β€’ Support for multiple input formats
β€’ Client-side support
β€’ Robust, reliable and very fast translation engine
What’s New in Version 2.8:
β€’ Proxying for non-http/https sites
β€’ Translation only, no content storage
β€’ Clearer and safer language selection
Requires Android:
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– Free
– Easy to use
– Simple interface
– Translate documents between English and Vietnamese.
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The library of the key symbols. It is very convenient to use for any number of the keys or combination of keys for automation (e.g., ⌘+β‡₯). The keypad can include a complete set of common basic alphabetic letters in about 50 symbols.
* It’s simple and convenient one-touch app.
* Symbols are added in the settings (in the tab – Display).
* The size of the keyboard can be adjusted.
* You can manage the items in the library.
β€’ Search: βŒƒβŒ˜K
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Many of us encountered problems while composing important essays and articles or working on a school project that requires accurate terminology. Finding a proper word instead of another or looking for a particular term we don’t know of, turns out to be time-consuming and annoying.
English to Vietnamese Translator allows you to set your preferred language and the tool to turn English-language documents into Vietnamese ones or back. The tool is a full and complete one; it converts the target text into Vietnamese, creates a translation of that text in the chosen format and then restores the original text.
The tool is fully functional in bidirectional mode. This means that the program can perform the process in both directions simultaneously. It is used to convert English-language records, for instance, web pages, Internet messages, e-mail messages and documents of any other type.
This is the best and easiest way to convert English to Vietnamese language, a process that might take you an hour to perform manually. The FREE English to Vietnamese Translator helps you get the job done in a matter of minutes and this option is available at any time of the day or night.
What’s New
Version 1.8.0:
– Fixed various bugs
– Added support for VLookup function
– Minor changes and enhancements
What’s New
Version 1.8.0:
Fixed various bugs
Added support for VLookup function
Minor changes and enhancements
System Requirements
– Windows 7/8/10, XP
– Windows Vista
– 2 GHz
– 2 GB
Internet Connection:
– 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE
– Modify or delete the following folders:
– %appdata%\FreeEnglish.Translator
– %appdata%\TheFreeEnglish.Translator
– %appdata%\Roaming\FreeEnglish.Translator

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What’s New in the English To Vietnamese Translator?

Γ‚β€’ Three-way translating feature allows you to translate English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English and back again.
Γ‚β€’ Access to an integrated multiple translators.
Γ‚β€’ Integrated multiple translator support to quickly translate from multiple files.
Γ‚β€’ Bidi-editing features allows you to edit English and Vietnamese text together.
Γ‚β€’ HD Hindi Font allows you to translate documents in Hindi in high quality.
Γ‚β€’ Save translations to HTML or TXT files.

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Are there any other applications that can help me translate?
Other applications will help you to translate. There are many other apps that can help you translate, but iPad Translator Pro is the most advanced. It has features like voice recognition and intelligent voice recognition.
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DirectX: Version 11
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