**Casual. Free. Inclusive. Confidential. STI Testing is available every Thurs 1pm – 4pm now located next to Steamworks at 11725 Jasper ave**
What are your hours?
We are currently open Sun – Thurs 10am – 12am, Fri & Sat 10am – 2am.
Check-ins permitted up to 1 hour before close.
In other words, we’re here for you anytime you feel the need, 365 days a year.
Should I bring my own towel and soap?
We provide you with a courtesy towel and exchange at check-in desk (S-XL avail), and our shower areas are well equipped with soap dispensers. We DO encourage you to bring your own flip-slops/sandals for the wet area, for comfort & safety of yourself & other patrons.
What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept CASH only. An ATM is available at check-in to obtain Cash. Please do this PRIOR to approaching the Attendant for Check-In. We do not accept credit or debit cards.
Do you have Lockboxes for my valuables?
We strongly suggest you place all valuables, wallets, etc. in the Lockbox provided FREE to you when you Check-In. You get the key for it with your Locker or Room key so your items are always safe and secure.
Do you have condoms and lube available?
You will be provided with a complimentary condom on your initial entry. If you require additional condoms, please ask the Attendant at the Lounge counter. If you require lube, we have a great selection at the counter!
If I get thirsty or hungry, what are my options?
We offer a reasonable selection of cold and hot beverages as well as a variety of quick meal and snack items, both hot and cold. If you prefer. ask your Attendant for “order in” alternatives.
What kind of people use this place?
We have traditionally catered to the Men Seeking Men community. So we see Gay, Bisexual, single and married men of all ages 18+ & all body types and ethnicities. Same goes for our many Trans customers. We also offer some Coed days, so during these times you’ll see a similar variety of women. What ever your tastes or preferences are, we are sure you will see someone that fits the bill.
What kind of activities go on there?
Our business does offer an environment for “hooking up”. So sexual activity does take place and you must be aware that you may see this happening in rooms or in some of the public areas. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled this legal as long as all persons entering the premise are aware of it. This is similar to a “Sex Club”. Remember, per Alberta Health regulations, there is NO sexual activity permitted in the Hot Tub, and the area is monitored for your safety & security.
Are prostitutes allowed?
Communication for the purpose of prostitution is a Federal Offense under the Criminal Code of Canada. Therefore we do NOT tolerate Prostitution in an form or manner anywhere on our premises. If you are approached by someone requesting money for any sexual act, please report this to the Attendant immediately. Anyone caught engaging in prostitution will be asked to leave and barred from re-entry.
Do you have alcohol available?
Our liquor licensing regulations DO NOT permit alcohol service. Additionally, we do not tolerate open use of any alcoholic beverage, and the use of recreational drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited. Individuals caught using or distributing drugs anywhere on the premises will be ejected immediately and barred from re-entry.
So if I want to hook up with someone, how do I go about doing it?
Generally, men walk around the bathhouse, their towels serving to both conceal and reveal. As they pass each other in the dimly lit hallways, they often times touch each other, intentionally or otherwise. Unwanted touches are gently and politely “brushed off,” while welcomed touches are indulged with a smile, sustained eye contact, or even a response in-kind. A backwards glance to take a second, departing look, may be just that: a departing look. But a backwards glance with a quick, forward-moving head-gesture probably means, “Come hither.” In general, while traversing the passageways and communal rooms of the bathhouse, men will ignore the men who do not interest them and invite, via body language, the men who do.

With thanks to the Manly Manners blog for inspiration in answering some of these questions. Available from: https://manlymanners.wordpress.com/