First Timers

Welcome to SteamWorks!

Our friendly staff are always willing to help out new guests! Let us know it’s your first time, so we can let you know how things work and give you a tour of our bi-level space!

Next, decide what kind of room you want. Lockers are always an option, but we recommend Private Rooms to first timers so you can control your privacy. A private room allows you to have your own play-space, and allows you to relax without being bothered while you get ready for round two, or three, or…

Your host will hand you a key (rooms have a main key & a locker key) and a complimentary towel (S, M, L & XL available). Please ask for complimentary condoms! You’re all set, time to explore!

Hit the showers downstairs to clean up, or just walk around and get a feel for the place.

You’ll find the common bathrooms clean and well maintained. Soft lighting adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

If you notice anything out of place, have any questions, or wonder what to do, please visit your host and have a chat.

Anything goes, but most of the talking is done in private rooms or in the main lounge.

In the cruising areas, guys mostly communicate non-verbally (i.e. body language and eye contact). Use your best judgment; the process is a lot like trying to pick up at a bar.

Courtesy and respect go a long way at SteamWorks, and the direct approach is usually best. So if you see something you like, just smile!

If someone shows interest in you but you are NOT interested, it’s legit to say you’re “Just Resting” (those are the magic words). It’s ok to be a little choosy and patient. But remember…saying no to everyone sort of defeats the purpose of your visit, so let your hair down and have some fun. We’re all here for the same thing!

Obviously the majority of our clientele on men-only nights are gay. But a good percentage are married, bisexual or questioning. No label? No problem!

Your security and privacy are important to us, which is why the main entrance is locked and monitored at all times.