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Pipemax Pro

If you use the default settings the program makes a good stock tune, but you can use it to make some nice Race tuning as well. The default settings for your specific Engine and air/fuel ratio can be set within the tuning menu. The tuner has a great tutorial for how to get the best performance out of PipeMax. You can also set your spark plug timing for 8-15 on the same dyno setting.

If you have a 2007+ Inline 6 CID Bowtie Diesel using a Single-Plane with 2-1/2, 3-1/2, or 5-inch stock exhaust manifolds the PipeMax Tuner does all the work for you! This program will set the optimum MAFs, spark plugs, fuel injector timing, etc to maximize HP and Torque for your Engine.

ACE Tuner
PipeMax also has an ACE Tuner, but the only place you will find it is on the Ray’s PipeMax web site. You can also find ACE Tuner on the Tim’s PipeMax site, but in order to use the tuner there you must buy a Tim’s PipeMax Pro software program. The ACE Tuner allows you to change all the parameters of the PipeMax Tuner (except the MAFs, spark plugs, fuel injector timing, etc) and then it will change the settings PipeMax generated for your stock exhaust manifold. The ACE Tuner allows you to use any stock manifold for your Engine.

If you have a 2009+ Inline 6 CID with the Blue Bowtie Diesel or the black Bowtie Diesel engines (except for a Turbocharged EdgeWing 4 CID) you can use the PipeMax Tuner without the ACE Tuner! This software will set the optimum MAFs, spark plugs, fuel injector timing, etc to maximize HP and Torque for your specific Stock Exhaust Manifold, Intake Manifold, Carburetor, and Intake Configuration.

PipeMax’s first production was just between 1989 and 1995, but I’ve been selling parts on the web since 1994. I’ve used lots of different web servers at various times with their many different features like Apache, Microsoft-IIS, free services like GeoCities, 000webhost and commercial web hosting services like EDS, LifeStream, GeoSpace, Internet Providers, and most recently Google, which means that all of my PipeMax sales have been through their Google Checkout or Google Wallet services, and others. The server at the time of that post in 2014 was Blue Host. LM:PipeMax is a unique product created by me to help everyone understand how different sized engines and carburetors work on a flow bench with all the engine data that usually comes as an after market and the performance that is expected, versus the more accurate ET and MPH dyno test data that normally comes after the engine has been modified. The dyno test data is much better than the after market data. LM:I use my dyno data into PipeMax and my ET Analyst quarter-mile simulation program to calculate time for a customer’s engine/cylinder-head/manifold/camshaft combination. One of these programs calculates time for each speed for each foot the car travels each quarter mile. Since car speeds on both ends of the quarter mile are different and I have two methods I can use to calculate ET the best of them is to use first turn for off the line, second turn for a time and then a third, fourth and fifth time to get the true ET. LM:I use the same methods for the ET data from the car as I do from the computer. I use and ET data calculator from the car manufacturer for the exact information for that engine. Then I either use or actually make copies of the data sheet to run into PipeMax and get similar answers, since I know the car’s data has been pre-calculated in the auto manufacturer’s ET program. 5ec8ef588b