Url Helper 3.42 Portable _TOP_

Url Helper 3.42 Portable _TOP_


Url Helper 3.42 Portable

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url helper 3.42 portable – url helper is a url extractor for windows that helps to find the urls from anywhere on your computer, the internet or simply anywhere else on your computer with the click of your mouse. url helper makes it easy for you to extract the urls from e-mail, instant messages, sitemaps, local files, blog posts, news articles, forums, ftp sites, web sites, temporary files, removable drives, folder contents, media player and other content files. with url helper you can look at your location, today, yesterday or even a week or month ago. you can even download the current date with this tool.
url helper is a compact, easy-to-use software that saves you time and energy from locating urls from websites. simply hit the “search” button to extract urls. choose the file name, link, address or text. no more hand searching. hit the extract button to get the urls at once. you will know if the urls are found when you see the progress bar at the bottom of the page. when the extraction is over, you will see the results in the results pane.
url helper is a reliable tool that is safe to use with no risk of damaging your computer. url helper doesn’t slow down your system, and it won’t let you feel uncomfortable. it is the best “url extractor” you can get.
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