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First Time Nooner

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After holding off visiting for a very long time, I finally decided to take the plunge and visited for a few hours during a weekday.

When I got there, the guy working the front desk was very friendly and helpful. He gave me a walkthrough, where I saw a couple of guys with their cocks through holes in slurp ramp just hanging out waiting for someone to come along to suck them, and a few guys checking me out. I got naked at the lockers and did a quick walkthrough on my own to see who was around and then went downstairs to take a shower in an open stall. It was hot having a shower knowing the guys in the hot tub were watching.

I went back upstairs and started walking around fully naked. A good looking daddy BBC pinched my ass and went into a glory hole room and closed the door. I went into the next room and his hard cock popped through the hole. I got straight to sucking, leaving the door open and put on a bit of a show, deep throating and gagging myself on his cock while 3 guys watched, jerking themselves.

After a bit, he came out of the room, took me to a small room and pounded my ass for a while before going downstairs to a bed and stretching my ass some more.

He stopped before cumming, so we showered up and I kept wandering. I visited the slurp ramp and sucked a guy off until he came in my mouth, and I swallowed his load. I wandered around a bit more, and found another bottom, who I traded blowjobs with, then he fucked my ass with one of his toys for a while.

When we finished, I went out and sucked a guy off in fuck alley while two guys watched, before heading back to the slurp ramp where a very well hung older guy was waiting. While his thick cock filled my mouth and I gagged myself on it, I waved my bent over ass at a guy that was watching. He came up and groped me and fingered my ass for a bit before moving on.

I went to leave slurp alley and the guy I was sucking came down and we went to his room. He fucked me in several positions for close to an hour before I left, thoroughly used. I had a shower, checked out the steam room maze, but there were just a few bottoms. By this point, it was getting close to time to leave, so I stopped in the dry sauna. 3 guys were already in there. We sat, jerking off for a bit, then the guy beside me asked if he could jerk me off, then asked he he could suck my dick. I of course agreed, so stood over him feeding him my cock. One of the other guys started fingering my ass while I sucked the other guy. I came in the guy’s mouth with several fingers in my ass, as he came all over himself.

I showered up one last time, then went back to my locker, got dressed and left. It was an absolutely amazing experience that I hope to have again soon. Reliving it brings a smile to my face. It’s an experience I will never forget, and hope to have again very soon.

Posted : 23/02/2023 11:25 pm
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Great  story!thank you  for  sharing!I wish  I get that  kind  of  experience!

Posted : 24/02/2023 7:59 pm
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Awesome story. I would love to have an experience like this for my first time going. What day and time did you go?

Posted : 24/02/2023 10:37 pm
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A very good story. Hope to see more.

Sexy Senior Swinksters

Posted : 25/02/2023 11:25 am
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@topnotch I was there Tuesday from about 12:30-3:00. I’d love to be there when it’s busier!

Posted : 25/02/2023 12:01 pm
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Sounds like you hit a good time for a nooner, which can be hit or miss also….but a hot story for sure! Well shared, made my cock hard reading 😋

Posted : 25/02/2023 2:07 pm
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As others have said, thanks for sharing.. Love hearing about this type of debauchery.

. My first time  with a guy was in Feb of last year ( 2022 ) when I decided I wanted to explore by BI desires in the flesh and not just jack off looking at cock and guys.that I had discovered from spending a lot of time on Chaterbate . I was in Vegas and went on line to check out what comments were being made in on line reviews at men's bath houses and ended up at Entourage.. I had no idea what the drill was and told the guy at the front counter I was a newbie and he was really helpful.. I asked the attendant are you busy tonight and about how many guys were here..He told me about 80 ish.but it will get busier as the night goes on.  Sounds good to me.. So I rented a room for 4 hours and got my towel and a keyed locker to put my valuables in because he told me even though you have key to your room its not safe to leave valuables in your room.. 

Walked in and walked around to check out the place.. Its really large floor print.. My guess is that its at least 4000 to 5000 sq. ft.  they had a gym, with stage, 2 Jacuzzis', a really dark room with a raised up cage area where guys could stick their cocks through and guys on the other side could suck them off..  a sauna. I was really surprised to see that they had a decent sized indoor pool, TV room ( with couches) a large room with 2 slings set up and leather raised up platform about the same size as a double bed.. a few glory hole set ups and a second tv room.. and at least 30-40 rooms with a chair and TV and raised up leatherette covered smallish bed. but the perfect height for fucking. Rows of keyed lockers and showers. Again keep in mind this scene was all new to me. I had no idea what to expect but knew that I wanted to experience jacking and edging and sucking a guy.

Now that I had checked this place out and I has asked the attendant about how many guys were there on this Friday night  He said about 80 ish.. I worked out for a little while in hopes that some guy might engage with me but no luck there.. So I ventured into the sauna and there were about 3 guys in there everyone had towels on. A few guys had them open and were playing with themselves.. I didnt feel confident enough to engage with any of these guys because I had never been with a guy..   Then I parked myself in a high traffic area on a jacuzzi that had a cover on it  There were a couple of guys about 4 ft away from me and I motioned to them that I would like to join them.. They politely waved me off..NP..   I stayed in this high traffic area and there was a constant stream of guys going cruising around..   About 5 minutes passed and I had a Phillipino guy ( Rico) approach me and ask he he could sit down beside me..I said " sure " and we started chatting ... about 3 minutes later we were off to the room I had rented and as soon as we walked in the room  Rico started kissing me passionately and I licked it and love kissing and being passionate with girls/ women but as mentioned I had never been with a guy.   We started jacking and edging each other off and sucking each other off and just like that I had made the transformation from wanting to experience having sex with a guy to REALITY  and I loved it..   I jacked Rico off to a nice cum and he came big time..Lots of his goo all over my hands and his cock.  So I took him in my mouth and cleaned him up and swapped his cum with him and he loved this  and so did I ..  I could not cum but thats OK I still had a memorable first experience..Rico walked me back out to the locker area. where I had my valuables and wanted to know when he could see me again.. He wanted me to to meet him at Entourage the following night..I told him sure; I  should be able to make by 8 or 9 ish. When I arrived Saturday night he greeted me and was going nuts with showing me how happy he was to see me again..  For me I wanted to progress and make it with some other guys and told him that.  Now I am here to tell you Friday night was just a break in mode. Saturday night is when I experienced some really serious debauchery    To be continued at a later time as this text is already too long for most to have the patience to ready..  Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my first Bi experience and I am here to tell you that I have not looked back since that first night...

Posted : 25/02/2023 2:08 pm
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Amazing 1st time story.

Posted : 09/03/2023 2:42 pm
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fuck… every time i read this story it just gets me rock hard and leaking, really hope this is how my first experience goes lol

Posted : 05/05/2023 7:55 am
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Haha, glad you’re liking it! I’ve been back a couple of times and the most recent one was the best yet. I highly recommend making a trip in sometime.

Posted : 05/05/2023 8:04 pm
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SteamWorks Blog

Discovering Your Kinks in an Open, Supportive Environment

Discovering Your Kinks in an Open, Supportive Environment

Exploring our sexual desires can be difficult and intimidating - especially when discovering your kinks and desires involve alternative practices. Unfortunately, due to stigmas and misunderstandings, those who are exploring alternative sexual interests may not always...

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Haven’t Checked Out SteamWorks Yet?

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