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[Closed] HELP!!!

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Hello I have a serious problem to report to the creators / website builders that needs to be changed!!! 

when creating a profile you have listed gender identity under sexuality. 

They are different. Your gender identity is NOT part of your sexuality. 

Please ask me for help if you need to be explained how to fix this. But here it is in a nutshell for you.

The categories go like this:

There is Sex: F / M / I 

Gender Identity: Trans* (+all terms within that) / Cis (F who identifies as female / M who identifies as male) / and then Other someone who is not cis but maybe chooses not to identify as trans*.. 

Sexuality (attracted to): Homosexual (attracted to the same sex as me) / Bisexual (attracted to both sexes (or all 3)) / Heterosexual (attracted to the opposite sex as me) / Pansexual (attracted to people) / Asexual (not attracted to people but may still have a sex drive) / Zedsexual (I have sexual attraction to people but my sexual identity is blurry)  

Sexuality (arousal with/without connection): Hypersexual (very strong sex drive without connecting) / Demisexual (don’t feel sexually attracted unless we connect first) / Asexual (sex+) or Greysexual (feels sexual arousal, is not aroused by people, but engages in sex with people when aroused) / Fraysexual (only attracted to people I have no connection with)

… and a bunch of others but those are probably going to cover the majority of people going to a place that promotes engaging in sexual activity with others 💗


please if you could update this in the profile it would help me identify myself to others and I think many would like to know this understand this about themselves and others as well ❤️ thank you from your friendly trans friend haha! 

~he/him : they/them pronouns please~ gender fluid presenting individual who is transmasculine nonbinary 2S. See my profile for more details about me!

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under sex is for intersex 

intersex people (unless they identify as intersex) fall under trans* gender identity because their gender identity does not match their sex at birth .. if they are born intersex and identify as an intersex gender then they are cisgender because CIS means same (same gender identity as sex assigned as birth) . 

yes 1% of the population is intersex meaning born with some combination of both biologically female and male chromosomes or genitals. Not every intersex person identifies as such and not every person is affected by it in a way that it would seem they are not simply just cisgender, but some are. Some identify as trans as well, some don’t. 

~he/him : they/them pronouns please~ gender fluid presenting individual who is transmasculine nonbinary 2S. See my profile for more details about me!


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“It has a great spa atmosphere with super friendly people, great location with lots of upscale restaurants & lounges close by. Lots of available parking on site and off.”


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