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First time with a much older man!

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First time


I will say my first time bottoming is something I have been chasing to experience again. I was 18 and the guy I had been chatting with was in his late 50s. We finally coordinated a time to meet after a month of chatting on and off. I was insanely nervous and it was only to blow him……. so I thought. When I got to his place he was freshly showered with a tight white towel around his waste.


He had me walk in, without a word I took off my shoes and jacket. He just stood there and let his towel drop to the floor. I was in shock as I saw his thick meaty cock, it was giant even just dangling soft. I was in shock, but felt like I couldn’t look away. I just felt the urge to get to my knees and take care of it.


“Do you like what you see?”


I didn’t even get a word out and just knelt down, reaching up to cup his balls, they were so smooth and heavy. With my other hand i tried to wrap it around his cock but I just barely touched my finger tips. It felt like a heavy Ukrainian sausage just warm.


“Wow” I couldn’t hold back my amazement, it felt almost fake.


My god it was thick and I just couldn’t stop feeling it, he was getting harder and harder, it wasn’t getting longer but my god he didn’t need it, it looked perfect to me. It was uncut with a nice thick head, probably only 6-7”long but my god it was thick.


He reached down and grabbed my chin, lifted me up and brought me so close to his lips.

“You will follow me upstairs”


“Yes sir” I murmured feeling like I was being scolded somehow


It made my cock as hard as steel begging to be let free from my pants. He took me up stairs and laid on a bed and told me to get comfortable.


I stripped down to my briefs.


“I said comfortable, those need to come off”


I felt embarrassed, I wasn’t planning to be naked, I thought I was going to blow him in the door and go. It’s what we discussed for months that I would just suck him quickly and leave.



My much smaller, completely hairless cock popped out, I’m uncut but my cock head was fully on display, my cock felt so unbelievably tight. My body almost betraying me showing off how insanely horny I was.


“Someone is excited?”


Oh god, I felt just so embarrassed, my cock twitched even as he said it. Standing at the foot of his bed, his thick cock resting on his stomach, just begging to be touched. I was about to respond but got cut off.


“This will be much easier for you to manage as I’m sure your jaw will get sore, now I think it’s time you show me how skilled your mouth is”


I get onto the edge of the bed on my knees between his legs, his thick thighs covered in hair, I eagerly reach for his cock and pull it off his stomach, it’s so smooth I want to admire it.


“Make sure every inch of my cock is explored, I want it dripping wet”.


My cock twitches and I feel a drop of precum leave my cock head, omg I can’t believe I am about to take on such a thick daddy cock, I have been fantasizing for a long time to be in this position and now it doesn’t even feel real. I start to stroke him and lean down kissing his cock head.


“That’s it, that’s a good boy”


Oh god, I let out a light moan as I start to kiss and lick his shaft, it tastes so sweet like it was dipped in sugar, fuck me I make it down to his balls, which are just so heavy and full. I can tell they have been freshly shaven and I kiss and lick them. Tasting slightly different then his shaft, I stroke him with my left hand and cup him with the right. My god they are heavy, he must have not cum this week waiting for me.


“That’s it, that’s a good boy, you are doing so good with a real man’s dick”


I had only played with guys my age, never such an age gap and certainly never a cock like this, I had no idea what I was getting into.


I started to lick his shaft and cock head getting it extra wet as I stroked in all my spit using it to lube up his thick shaft. After a few minutes I went for it, finally taking in his head my god, he wasn’t kidding it was a stretch. My lips tightly form a seal around his head and I suck on it my tongue dancing at the base of his head as I start to slowly lower taking him in. I feel so full I hold back a gag, I make it half way and come back for air.


“I’m sorry sir” I gasp, “thank you for offering the bed, I will certainly need time to get used to you”


I lower down and surprising late more then the first and start sucking on my stroke up, like I am trying to jerk him with my suction. I hear his first moan, oh god! The throbbing in my cock between my legs stiff as it could be. The satisfaction to hear him, I need more.


I start to get used to his girth and give him the wettest blowjob I could muster, soaking him on every down stroke and gripping him with my hand making sure he has a layer of my spit on him. I spend the next 15 minutes enjoying his beautiful daddy cock and he let me know how good I was doing. I thought I might be getting close and was excited but also a little sad I wouldn’t get to saver him more.


So I worshipped him for another 10 minutes thinking he is ready to burst.


“Mmmm I think I’m ready”


Oh yes! I am so happy…. I get to taste his load.


“I am wet enough, it’s time for you to please me properly”


Confused, properly?


“Your going to take a seat on daddies cock,”


Ummm no, my mind racing this was just a bj, I mean the thought of taking his cock all the way inside me made me so much hornier, I have never bottomed, how could I take something like this, I have played a bit but never anything that thick!


Before I could say a word


“We will go slow but you will be taking all of me, trust me you can do it, just relax and let it fill you at your own pace”


I’d never taken anything like that down there before, I get up and straddle his stomach, he helps me lower over him. I see him spit in his hand and reach under my still throbbing cock. Oh god, a thick finger splitting my tight hole almost instantly, I feel the burn and sudden rush.and I felt like I was maxed and then two fingers.


“Ohhhh god, too much too much”


“It’s ok, just breathe”


I did as I was told and started focusing on my cock now resting on his stomach, seeing a little pool of precum forming on him. My god it hurt but as the shock of pain melted away I felt so turned on that I was about to take a thick daddy dick.


A few minutes go by and I now no longer feel tight around his fingers. He slowly slides them out and almost without hesitation I lower down. He just let me rest on him getting used to his cock head pressed against my now eager hole. I now feel his head spread me, almost effortlessly my body new it was time to please this cock, that I was meant to have his cock deep inside me. My hole was for his pleasure and I was to not deny such a beautiful cock any longer.


He told me to lean forward and he just wrapped his arms around me, my cock throbbing between us and he began to fuck me taking him in hurt but not as much as I thought it would. Holy fuck did I feel full, before I knew it I was now fully seated in His lap. For the next 20min he fucked me, and I was moaning so uncontrollably I felt so bad like I couldn’t control how much pleasure I felt.


I  let out an “Ohhh Daddy” his cock now felt like it belonged in me and I felt so empty with every recoil. He slammed into me with a good pace, I felt him tense. Oh god is he going to cum?


“Lean back” he tells me


“I want you to rest on my cock, if I go any longer I’ll certainly be filling you”


So I leaned back and my cock popped right up. I look down and it was dripping with precum, I swear a light breeze would have made me bust.


He asked if I had good recovery and I definitely did when jerking myself but I had never seen my cock this hard and wet before that I was unsure.


“Normally yes, but I have never been this hard before”


He turned and opened the side table drawer and pulled out what looked like a black rubber band, he hooked it over my cock then tightly over my balls. I gasped so hard my cock instantly felt calm but still so incredibly hard.


“This will help you last a bit longer, no need to ruin your fun just yet”.


My cock was throbbing yet also feeling a bit numb…. then his hand wrapped around it. I let out a loud moan as if I had instantly cum!


“Oh god!!”


But nothing just a few more drops of precum.


“I am going to edge you and you are going to slowly ride me, use your hands and help yourself raise and lower onto me”.


I awkwardly moved my hands behind me with each twitch feeling his meaty cock inside me, spreading me just a bit wider, I felt so full and my cock was just pulsing begging to release.


I started to slide up and down on his thick shaft and with every stride my cock was being milked by this daddy’s soft firm hand I felt like I was high and that this was all a dream. But stroke after stroke I plunged deeper and deeper into a trance of being so close to the edge it felt like I was shooting a rope of cum with every thrust.


I feel him tense, his cock somehow getting thicker inside my gaping used hole.


“I’m going to cum but I want you to taste it”.


I got the hint and slowly pulled myself off, my legs were weak and burning from riding him for who knows how long. I see his cock just throbbing and waiting for my mouth. I didn’t even think about the fact he was just 7” deep inside my ass.


I popped his cock into my mouth, my mind racing, the need to serve this man that just took my anal virginity, I don’t want him to be disappointed.




Within seconds a hot sticky shot of cum cannons into the back of my throat, and another, and another, I was having a hard time handling this fountain as it barrages the back of my throat I gag, and start to tear up, I have to back off or I’m going to drown.


“That’s a good boy!” He grunted as he keeps shooting his load.


I pull off and I get hit in the face with 4 thick shots of cum so much that my lips and chin are completely covered. I am in complete disbelief.


He lets out a deep satisfying grunt and I feel him immediately soften in my hand.


Hoping I did ok I start to get a rush of embarrassment feeling bad that I couldn’t take all his cum in my mouth.


I go to apologize and he just presses his index finger against my cum covered lips and says “that’s a good boy”


I melt, “can I do anything else sir?” cum dripping from my lips and chin.


He tosses a towel from the side table “clean up and lay down on your back”.


I wipe my face and do as he says almost completely forgetting about my throbbing cock still tightly bound. I lay down beside him.


“I don’t suck cock but you do deserve a reward for taking such good care of your daddy”


With that he reaches back to his night stand and grabs a small bottle which I assume is lube.


He squirts it all over my cock head and it drips down my shaft onto my tightly bound balls.


With the other hand he lightly traces the outline of my cock and I almost cum instantly! It felt incredible.


“You will tell me right before you are ready to cum and I will release you from the cock ring, but not a moment late, you got me?”


“Yes Sir”


I then feel his soft hand wrap around my cock, I hold back a moan.


“You are allowed to moan, but do not forget to tell me when you are ready”


I feel like I am at the brink with every slow wet stroke, over and over, I am moaning louder and louder “oh sir” “thank you” “thank you” “ohhhh god!”


I finally can’t take it I feel like I’m going to black out!


“Oh god!!…. I’m cumming!!””


Without fail he releases me and a completely different sensation hits me, something I had never felt in my life. I swear I left my body and looked down at myself, I shoot a massive rope and hit my face, then my chin, then my neck, I have never shot a load in my life. I have always had intense orgasms but only a spurt of cum, but never anything with distance and certainly never hitting my own face, I keep cumming, shooting so many ropes of cum I am just covering myself. “Ohhhh dadddyyyy!!””” I moan as I feel my body shake and tremble with each shot.


He tightly grips me as I start to shake and tremble my cock still shooting cum, I had never thought I could do that. My whole body felt empty after almost 30 seconds of streams. I collapsed my eyes felt heavy and I felt dizzy with a tight squeeze around my cock, he turns my head with his right and I feel his wet tongue split my lips and meet my tongue. Deeply kissing me, I couldn’t even believe this was real, a man older then my dad, kissing me so passionately after having me just completely make a mess of myself. Without judgement or shame no holding back moans just giving me the most intense out of body orgasm.


My cock softening in his hand, I never want to let go of his tongue and soft lips as we embrace, I don’t want this moment to end.


He breaks the kiss and I try to hold on, he tells me I need to clean up. His wife will be home soon and I need to go……


Holy fuck…. what am I doing I’m a high school graduate on his summer break before college, fucking a man almost 3 times my age, calling him daddy and I don’t get to saver the moment, I need to leave because his wife is about to get home…..

Embrace Being You!

Posted : 04/04/2024 11:26 pm
Das, Jtay and felicitator60 reacted
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I have been fantasizing about doing this. Would love to find an older man! 

32, 135lbs slim/fit smooth 

Posted : 07/04/2024 9:07 am
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thanks for sharing your experience. That's the hottest story I have read. I am older but very new and would love to experience something like this. Any takers?

Posted : 09/04/2024 5:34 pm
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hot af! i am available to stretch you further 😁

Posted : 10/04/2024 6:27 am
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@jtay I would like to meet-up

Posted : 10/04/2024 10:33 am
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lucky guy

Posted : 10/04/2024 2:25 pm
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I want to meet that old man desperately and serve him ..! Please 

Love to play at SW

Posted : 10/04/2024 5:04 pm
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Cool , happenings . I am older guy ..looking for a first Sunday at Steamworks …Can a old guy find a nice twink or Asian lad to enjoy an hour playing Sundays ?

what’s the crowd like Sunday pls ?


Posted : 10/04/2024 9:41 pm
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@das me too

Come get you some 👅

Posted : 16/04/2024 12:19 pm
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@bbwog let’s find together 😜😉

Love to play at SW

Posted : 16/04/2024 1:21 pm
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I am a older sensual guy that can bring u a fun couple of hours . I will try April 26 /24 likely 5:30 pm clean up myself and look for someone to release the tension 

Posted : 24/04/2024 6:47 am
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nice penis Godin93


Posted : 24/04/2024 2:48 pm
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@jon615uc Thanks … I am definitely going Friday nite before game starts . Watch it there! 😎 


Posted : 25/04/2024 9:03 pm
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@godin93 I missed your message ..! Email me and we will plan next time to meet at steam works 

Love to play at SW

Posted : 27/04/2024 5:31 pm
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@das email sent to u

Posted : 30/04/2024 8:31 pm
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