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We start off both standing in the room fully dressed. Standing close, our bodies touching, we start kissing deeply. Wanting to set the tone right away I move your head to my mouth with your hair gripped tightly in my hand. It's not rough or jerky but firmly, just enough to let you know that today, I am the one in charge, and you want to enjoy submitting to me, letting me take control.


I pull away from your kiss, looking in your eyes, you see a devious grin on my face, then you see the blindfold, smiling you know what’s coming and the thoughts and anticipation is getting you wet before I've even started.


Everything goes dark, as I slip the blindfold over your eyes. Instantly your other senses begin to sharpen, with every minute that passes these remaining senses heighten, compensating for the one that is now blind folded.  


Blindfolding you allows you to relax, block out the noise and tune into your other senses you are able to submit and enjoy the feeling without distraction.


My voice brings you back from your thoughts when I say "You know what’s next". Without me having to ask, you already know what to do, so you put your hands together behind your back and wait for me to tie them together. You feel me secure the cuffs to each wrist, you are grateful that they are soft cuffs that don't dig in or hurt, knowing you will be able to focus on the pleasure and not painful handcuffs. 



Now I get to undress you! Kissing your mouth, my hands work on removing your shirt, taking a moment to admire your sexy tits waiting to be freed from your bra. With your bra now off my mouth makes its way down to your nipples kissing and sucking on them, going back and forth to each one. The warmth of my mouth on your nipples is interrupted when I suck in cool air making them hard. When they are both hard I attach two nipple clamps, one to each nipple connected by a light chain. The sexy clamps don't hurt but are firm enough for their purpose.


Next I'm kissing my way down your body, dragging my tongue as I make my way down to unbutton your pants and slide them down off your feet.


Leaving your panties on, I spread your feet apart kissing your legs lightly, biting your inner thighs you let out a little moan. Hearing the sounds from you turns me on, my lips are on your panties feeling the warmth and wetness of your pussy through them. I drag my teeth over the soft material, and then my tongue so you can feel my tongue ring pushing against your clit. At this moment I'm wishing your hands were free so you could grab me by the hair and pull my head firmly against and smother me with your pussy, but that can happen another time.



My hands are equally as busy as my mouth is, always moving over your body, up and down your legs, across your torso and up to your chest all while my tongue is working its way under your panties. I want to taste your wet pussy now! Pulling your panties to the side I plunge my tongue into your dripping wet hole, and licking your lips before my attention is focused on your clit. 


Licking your button with long slow licks, the tongue ring drags across it and upwards tugging lightly on the hood above it. Sucking it into my mouth, pressing my lips and sucking it in further so I can flick it inside my mouth with my tongue.


Your legs are starting to tremble, your breath is getting shallow and quicker, from the moans coming from your mouth I know you're are about to cum, abruptly I stop what I'm doing and sharply ask you 


"What are the rules!" 


You just let out a whimper.


"Sorry... I didn't hear you, what are the rules?"


"I can't cum" you reply.


"You can't cum .... what" I ask.


Knowingly you say "I can't cum until you say I can."


"That’s right, and tell me what happens if you’re bad and don't follow the rules? What will I do then?"


You do know the rules well so you quickly answer me "If I cum before you give me permission you will fuck my mouth until you cum in my mouth and I won't get to cum anymore."


"Thats right, good girl, and so how should we prevent that from happening"


"I should tell you when I'm getting close to cumming"


"Yes very good, we don't want you to miss out do we?"


"No." You immediately reply.


"You do want to cum don't you" I ask.


"Yes" is all you say.


"Yes what?" Tell me.


"Yes, yes I want to cum"


"That’s better, you want to cum lots don't you!" 


When I ask, I slap your sexy, round, ass cheeks, the stinging is a reminder, you know I'm getting past the point of talking about the rules.


"Yes, I want to cum, I want to cum lots."


Knowing we have an understanding; I strip your panties off to your ankles.


"Flick them off." I say.


You do as you are told and step one foot out and with the other foot flick them off across the room.


As you are doing this I strip off my clothes. Moving behind you my hand is on your neck, not choking but I pull your body against mine, my already hard cock pressing firmly against you. 


I pull your 


head back slightly by the hair so I can kiss your neck and mouth. I bite your shoulder, not hard enough to leave marks but hard enough you moan with excitement.


"Lets get back to this don't you think." I don't wait for a reply as I guide you across the room. When we get to the chair you know what I have in mind. The thoughts and vivid memories of prior times instantly make you tingly and wet with anticipation. 


We've used the chair before. So you open your legs and position yourself over the hard old wooden school chair, I undo the clasp on the cuffs so you can have your hands in front of you. You are glad I am letting you use your hands to hold onto the back of the chair so you can support yourself when your legs get weak. After I clip the cuffs back together you are left standing there straddling the chair. 


You look so fucking hot I want to take you right now, I want to plunge my hard cock deep into your pussy, but I have amazing self control and delay taking what I want till later. 


Waiting for me, you hear me getting something ready, you're unsure of what I'm doing as you listen intently for hints of whats next.


When I start to put a harness on your waist, your curiosity grows, this is something new, something that didn't happen before.  


I concentrate on doing up the little buckles when you feel something smooth press against your pussy. After more adjusting I turn the smooth thing on. You realize its the magic wand and It's secured so its hands free against your clit.


Its on its slowest setting.


"How is that" I ask.


"More please" you whimper.


"Good, I thought so" as I turn it up, I set it to the setting that starts out slow and increases intensity to max before repeatedly going back to low, over and over again. The repeated pulses teasingly play on you.


"Is that better."


"Yes" is all the reply you're able to get out.


"Good" I say as I slap your ass.


"I have something else new, do you want it too?" 

Not really waiting for an answer, you feel the tassels of my new whip strike your ass. It surprises you, but doesn't hurt. You know I'm not turned on by pain or humiliation so you know you can enjoy what’s coming. 


"Is that good" I ask.


"Green.” You reply. We know the safe words we've made them clear. Green means you are good and want more, Yellow is good but you need a minute, a pause before you can take some more and that you are near your limits, that I can continue but proceed with more caution. Red, not that we will get to red but red means I need to stop. I never take you to red but it's good to know where limits are and that they will be respected.


With a green, I slap your ass with the leather tassels again, they strike with more of a thud than a sting. After each one I caress your ass with my hands, always waiting at least four or five seconds to let you recover, enjoy, and prepare for the next one.


Sometimes the slaps of the whip are across your back but mostly on your ass. Its beginning to turn a little more pink each time.


Your excitement is growing rapidly, with so much sensations, the nipple clamps, the magic wand buzzing and teasing on your clit, the whipping on your ass.  


At some point as you were getting more and more turned on you felt me position the suction cup dildo on the chair under you. 


You can feel it pressing against you. You can feel that it is a double dildo, its well lubricated with one head just about inside your pussy and the second head is pressing against your ass, if you don't keep holding yourself up, if your legs get too week, the big dildo will fill up both your holes as you sit down on it.


I continue to please you, whip you, caress you. I take long breaks from using the whip while I lick your pussy from behind. I bend you over a little so I can lick further, my tongue battles the vibrator for the spot on your clit. Sliding my fingers in your pussy you push back against my tongue, pushing your ass against my tongue and fucking my fingers.


I start with one finger and not long after I’m using two.


As you get more worked up and push back harder, I work up to three fingers deep in your pussy.


You are starting to fuck my fingers harder and faster so I pull them out and reposition the dildo.


Standing up I tell you to lick and suck the wetness off my fingers.


"Fuck I'm going to cum" you warn me. 


With that I stop what I'm doing and turn off the vibrator, letting you catch your breath.


"Good girl we wouldn't want that to happen yet would we"


"Yes, yes I want to cum" you whimper.


"No you don't , not yet, you want more"


"Yes I want more"


"That’s good, I want some too"


Eagerly you say

 "yes, let me suck and taste your cock."


"Yes, I agree I think you need to come down a little don't you."


"Yes I do"


Moving around in front of you, kneeling on the bed I slide my cock inside your hungry mouth, just a little letting you suck on the end while your bound hands stroke the length of my shaft.


Getting my cock wet in your mouth, I start stroking in and out of your mouth.  


You bob your head fucking my cock with your mouth. You are sucking my cock so good I push deeper as far as you let me, pausing there to feel your mouth wrapped around me before pulling it out, letting 

you catch your breath.


I fuck your mouth long enough for you to come down from climax as I'm getting closer myself. Just as I'm beginning to think I'm going to cum in your mouth and down your throat, I pull out.  


"Are you ready for more?" I want to know.


"Yes more please" 


Turning the wand back on I grab the sexy red and black leather whip again, this time when the whip lightly meets flesh the tassels are striking between your legs and against your pussy and ass that are both starting to take in the two heads of the dildo. Turning the vibrator up high, and spanking your now pink ass cheeks your legs are getting weaker and can't hold out much longer the burning in them is just as 


intense as the orgasm rapidly building inside you. 


"Fuck, oh my god I'm going to cum" you scream out.


"Yes cum for me" I demand. "Cum hard for me!"


With that you can't stand up any longer, you lower yourself onto the chair. Your legs release all the tension, the vibrator is beyond intense, all while you take in the full length of the dildo, taking the double penetration all the way deep inside you. As you scream out with intense pleasure, cumming hard I grab the chain and pull the nipple clamps off with a tug.


"Too much, too much" you barely can get the words out of your mouth. So I reach down and turn off the vibrator.


Rocking, on the dildo you climax, squirting all over the chair. When you do I pull off the blindfold so we can lock eyes while you cum, me kissing your mouth face, devouring your orgasm with my mouth. 


As you come down, your body shaking and twitching with pleasure, I ask "now wasn't that worth waiting for?"


"Oh my god yes it was" you say out of breath.


I undo the restraints from your hands, and undo the buckles on the harness holding the wand, letting it fall to the floor.


As you lay your head on your arms on the back of the chair I caress your back massaging the pink spots with my hands, kissing your tender ass cheeks gently, while your legs let go of the burning sensation from standing for so long.

I like looking at the dildo filling you up completely as you slowly rock back and forth on it.


After giving you a few minutes to rest, I help you stand up, the dildo slowly sliding out of you, so you can lay on the bed.


"Are you ready for more."


"Mmmmmm yes I am" you say as you wrap your legs around me and pull me in to you. I let you guide my cock inside your pussy, just like you know I like. I push inside you a little, waiting there while we kiss passionately, then slowly and steadily slide all the way deep inside you. You take me in deep all the way. 


Again I stop, I wait, feeling your pussy accepting me, feeling every bit of your 


tight, hot, wet pussy around my cock. 


Starting off slow, I thrust in and out, gradually increasing speed. Getting up on my knees I lift your legs up and onto my shoulders, my head between your amazing legs.


I want to fuck you hard now, my hand grabs you by your thighs at your hips and pull you hard into each hard pounding thrust, my cock slamming into your pussy. 


Raising your hips slightly of the bed holding you up my cock rubs against your G spot bringing you closer to another orgasm. Fucking you hard I tell you I want you to cum on my face.


"Now, now! I'm going to cum now!" 


Pulling my cock out and replacing it with two curled fingers I fuck your G spot with 


my hand. I feel your pussy tighten up and swell inside around my fingers, my cupped palm hitting against your clit as fast as I can, just as you start cumming I quickly pull my hand out as you gush hot cum all over my hand convulsing with every spray.


Quickly I grab my cock in my hand and work it with my hand like a dildo up and down in you, hitting your G spot more keeping the water works going as long as possible, your hot cum feels so good spraying on my cock.


When you're done I let your legs down and plunge deep in you covering your body with mine. 


Slowly sroking, letting you catch your breath, I enjoy the depth of your pussy bringing me closer to orgasm.


Leaning down to your ear I whisper. I want to make you cum again. I want another one out of you, I want to fuck your ass.


"Mmmmm yes, you can" you say.  


"Tell me, I want to hear you say it."


"Yes, yes fuck my ass, make me cum again."


So I turn you over on your front as you get onto your knees. Passing you the vibrator You turn it on how you like and press it against your clit.


I start licking your pussy from behind sliding it up to your ass, I swirl my tongue around your ass and push against it and in.   


I stroke myself behind you getting my cock completely covered in lube, then I 


drizzle a large amount of lube on your ass before I slowly press against you, letting you slowly take me in.  


Bit by bit you take the entirety of me swallowed up in your ass. Once you have taken all of my cock I start fucking your ass, increasing speed as you are able to take more.  


With the wand humming on your clit and your ass filled with my cock I tell you "I’m going to Cum".  


Hearing me tell you I'm going to cum pushes you over the edge. You tell me "yes cum in me now, I'm cumming"


With a few more intense thrusts I feel my nuts tighten up with overwhelming pleasure and I burry my cock, pulsing with my spurting load deep inside you as we both cum together at the same time. Sweating and breathing fast my 


body collapses on your back.


After a few moments I slowly slide my cock out of you, you start to roll over till I say no not yet.


Holding your ass cheeks apart I watch as my hot cum slowly starts to drip from your ass making a sexy cream pie of you.


After all of my cum drips out of your ass and onto the bed I finally let you roll over on your back. I fall down beside you. Draping my leg over one of yours I begin after care.


Checking that you are good, I offer you some water which we both drink. Softly and lightly I caress your body with my hands. Tracing over tender pink spots with my fingers and rubbing the last bit of burning out of your legs. My hand gently caresses your face. I ask you little questions making sure you are good and 


seeing if you need anything. I make sure you know you fulfilled all my desires and needs and pleasures. Getting up I start the shower for you and tend to any needs you have.


I can see you through the foggy glass shower door, while I'm cleaning up.


Seeing your amazing silhouette makes my mind wander to next time, and what happens then. What wild games will

take place? Will I take control again and make you submit to my will, or will it be you who steps up and makes me your sex toy, for you to do whatever you want with? Only time will tell!!

Have fun, be safe, fuck hard and enjoy and respect all. 😈😈😈👍

Posted : 06/10/2023 3:26 pm
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Holy shit, that was long but exciting. Would love to be a voyeur while that was happening.

Posted : 07/10/2023 7:53 pm
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Holy fuck.  Yes yes and definitely yes to all of that

Posted : 07/10/2023 8:19 pm
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Brian Feller
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@luv2please Thanks, 😁 I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

Maybe we can make that happen some time 😉😈.

I don't make it to SW very often, but feel free to send me a message, (Kik or email) and perhaps a time will line up.

I generally don't send messages without a request out of respect.



Have fun, be safe, fuck hard and enjoy and respect all. 😈😈😈👍

Posted : 08/10/2023 7:14 am
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@brian-feller I will definitely send you a Kik right away

Posted : 08/10/2023 12:06 pm
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Brian Feller
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@luv2please ,😉😈

Have fun, be safe, fuck hard and enjoy and respect all. 😈😈😈👍

Posted : 08/10/2023 12:48 pm

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Discovering Your Kinks in an Open, Supportive Environment

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