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I wake up this fine Saturday morning. Look over at you sleeping so peacefully. Fuck you so beautiful. I go and make some coffee. I sit and relax for a bit while I drink my coffee. I can’t stop thinking of you in your pink bra and panties. My cock gets so hard. But no not right now I have plans.


After I wake you up. Make you a nice breakfast. I pick you up put you on the counter and start licking you pussy. Slip 1 finger inside you lick and fuck you with that finger till you cum all over my face. Unfortunately you get an emergency call from work so that’s the end of that but that’s ok. I’m going to work with a pussy soaked beard.


You go to change and find your black flower bra and panties waiting for you. You get that sexy evil grin cause you know we’ll be matching all day.


At the of the day we’re both so worked up when you get home you find me in the shower getting ready for the evening. Come out all clean and shaven. To find in the living room bent over the ottoman. Curtains open so we can see every one walking by. Your panties are soaked waiting for my attention. I drop to my knees and lick your panties. Pull your panties off. Fuck they smell amazing. I wrap them around my cock.


Slip a finger inside you then 2 and 3 fucking you slowly. Slip a fourth in take my fingers out and put them in your mouth forcing them down your throat. I start rubbing your ass spanking you hard. Then slowly slip a finger in your ass. Then two slowly fucking you with them getting you ready to take my big cock.


I get behind you grab your hair pull you and force you to kiss me as my cock slowly slips inside your tight ass.


You gasp and push back on me forcing me deep as I go. Fucking feels amazing. I slowly pull out till I just the head is in. Just fucking you’re slowly building up the pace. Till my balls are slapping your pussy and we start groaning loud you cum so hard


I feel your pussy juice dripping from my balls. Good you’re so sexy. You feel my cock grow and my thrusts get deeper. You know I’m about to cum hard deep in your tight ass. I grab your hair and slam into you one last time as my cock explodes inside you. We both lay down exhausted. But it’s date night and there’s more fun to be had


You head to the shower. You didn’t notice but I watched you wash your hair and good god couldn’t help but rub my cock. You come out to get changed and find a new bra and crotchless panties.


As you’re getting dressed you notice a cut tag on the bed. And you know what that means. Under your bra you find the egg vibrator with a note saying “Slip this inside your sexy wet pussy and leave it turned on”. We head out to dinner at the Keg and have a very nice steak dinner.


Every 10 or 15 min or so I turn your vibe on to tease you and keep that pussy wet and ready for me. After the third or fourth time you grab my phone and immediately grin ear to ear. Yes there’s a vibe egg in my ass too. We finish up supper have a drink relax.


We get in the truck and start driving. I pull out my cock and stroke it. You take the invite and lean over and take it in your mouth sucking it slowly and deeply. Fuck it’s hard to focus. We drive for about 10 min.


When we stop you look up and realize we’re not home. We’re at a club. You look at me a little confused. I tell you that though we had mention it in passing at times we’ve never actually discussed going into one of these places.


If you’d like we can check it out or we can go home. Either way the night will end with my cock in your wet pussy or ass. Probably both. You say let’s check it out we could always walk in turn around and leave.


We head in the bouncer is a well dressed dark man with a welcoming but seductive type smile. He welcomes us he gives us the lay out of the club and shows us to the lounge. It’s a fairly busy evening about 30 or so people. The bartender an attractive younger girl takes our order we find a seat out of the way in the back a bit so we can talk and just experience this.


Most of the customers are either dressed in nice suits and dresses. Or  in super sexy lingerie. A table across the room. There 2 couples chatting you could tell they were very comfortable with each other. The other side you get my attention you noticed a couple sitting in a booth she’s in a black corset and skirt and he’s not wearing a shirt and a collar on his neck. She has a man in a suit on his knees with his head between her legs.


I grab your hand kiss it then your lips. I love you beautiful. You see me on my phone. When the egg in your pussy starts vibrating. You look at me with utter lust. As we’re finishing our drinks you notice me watching a guy getting his cock sucked by another man and a woman. Another man sitting right beside them just watching rubbing his cock through his pants.


Between how hot you look the egg in my ass and everything going on around us I am so fucking horny. My hand slips between your legs. Mmmmmmm damn you’re wet  can’t wait to lick that pussy. You kiss me really hard a squeeze my cock.


We’re both ready to go home. I turn the eggs off so we can concentrate on getting home lol. Just as we stand up the waiter comes by with another round for us. We look at him confused he looks over at a couple at a quiet table in the back. We go say thank you. Adam and Eve An attractive couple a bit older than us tell them unfortunately we were just leaving. But appreciate the gesture. After a few mins They convince us to stay for this drink. Very nice people say our thank yous and good byes.


As we’re leaving I head to the washroom. As I finish up Adam walks in steps up to the urinal. And mentions that they have a bbq every couple weeks we invite a bunch of friends. It’s just a food booze maybe some card games. No pressure at all. Tells me Eve and him would love if we came to the next one. Gives me his phone number.


When I come out I find you and eve chatting. Damn you’re so sexy. We leave them and jump in the truck. I grab your hair and shove my tongue down your throat as I grab and squeeze your tits. Force my hand down your pants and slip 2 fingers deep inside you. You grab my head and force my lips to your as you moan loudly you stop push me away tell me to get this truck home so I can bend you over the balcony.


As I start driving you pull my big hard cock out start stroking it and playing with my balls before leaning over and taking it into your mouth. Slowly sucking up and down teasing me my cock grows harder like I’m going to cum but you stop and tell me don’t you dare not yet.


We get in the house and immediately start ripping each others clothes off. Bend you over the couch drop down and shove my tongue inside you. My fingers find your clit rubbing it lightly pull the egg out lick and sucking all your cum turn the vibe on and slowly slip it in your ass.


I lead you to the balcony so dark can barely see anything. you drop down and suck my big cock deep into your mouth making it nice and wet cause you know it’s about to get put deep inside your wet pussy. I bend you over slide my cock deep. All the way pulling your hips holding you there before slowly pull it all the way out. I grab your hair and slide it back in hard. Building up the pace.


You try to control your moans but you but you can only do so much as you cum all over my cock. You turn around and take it into your mouth cleaning every drop of cum off. Before standing up and kissing me to share it.


I sit down and you continue to suck my cock getting super wet before wrapping you big beautiful tits around it and tit fucking me. Turn the egg in my ass fuck feels so good. Till I’m about to explode and you put it i your mouth deeper and deeper till it’s as deep as it’ll go. When you feel the head swell and cum hard pulling your hair forcing my cock deep shooting my cum in your mouth.


I pull you up kiss you forcing my tongue in your mouth tasting my cum off your tongue. I sit you on the chair drop down and lick your pussy god it tastes amazing. I slip one finger then a second slowly sliding in and out. Building up intensity you try to stop me but I want your cum on my face. You know I won’t stop so you let go. And explode your cum all over my face. I luck and suck as much as I can before going up and kissing you deep and hard.  Fuck I love you.


As we’re heading inside I notice you got a txt from eve. Can’t wait to see you two again. Lol you got her number too. Seems like we may both be interested in seeing them again. The thought of you kissing and licking her. Gets my mind racing off future possibilities.





















Posted : 06/02/2024 3:56 pm

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Discovering Your Kinks in an Open, Supportive Environment

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“I am a complete newbie and went for my first time last Saturday night. I had a completely amazing, sexy hot time. I was very comfortable. Super chill people. My first time being nude in front of total strangers was no problem at all. It was positive all around, a wonderful night, and I'm excited to return very soon. 👍❤️”


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“It has a great spa atmosphere with super friendly people, great location with lots of upscale restaurants & lounges close by. Lots of available parking on site and off.”


“Great place! It's an excellent place to maybe step outside your boundaries and try some things you may not feel comfortable doing anywhere else. I have had a lot of fun at SW over the years and hope for many more. ”


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“At SteamWorks, I’ve had the opportunity to have some group play experiences I never thought possible.”


“SteamWorks has given me a new lease on life! Lol”


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